Data Analytics & Consulting

Analyzing and delivering accurate business information for better ROI

Apeiro Solutions team members are well-experienced web research executives. Our keen research techniques and methodologies via the open web help us to pull the target data with ease. Empower your business decisions with precision through our data analytics consulting services. Transform raw data into actionable insights, guiding you towards strategic excellence. We are enriched with several premium as well as public reliable tools and sources. The best miners know where to research the data based on the required industries. We do!

Collaborative with an extensive workflow and research capabilities, Apeiro solutions process every potential B2B customer data comprehensively with precise research techniques to bring meaning to every datum we deliver.

On that note, Apeiro Solutions will provide you the high-quality data from any target source and deliver the results in a properly formatted way via desired platforms as per the market demands. The data we deliver will be structured professionally to be accessible easily for the analyzing purpose.

Data Mining

Mining the unreachable data for business analytics and growth

The internet is an ocean of data. Hunting the correct data for your business is the true challenge. Better data mining and processing will enhance the Marketing and Sales team productivity, which will eventually work for the business growth. Data mining is the process of extracting and processing the target data as part of the requirement. This involves several lines of research say identifying primary competitors, target leads, target vertical company data, etc.

Iterative data research and the seamless process of the target data will enable efficiency in sales growth and it reflects immediately in business growth. We are responsible for providing the mined data on a recurring basis to reach out to the target prospects on a large scale.

Apeiro Solutions possess a vast collection of experience in data mining services. Our proficient team will go through different reliable sources to acquire the right/current data. Our proactive planning and teamwork provide the quality data set to the client as always at an affordable cost by means of requirement.

API & Manual Web Scraping

Get huge sets of target data from any web page and social media platforms

We have tons of data available on the internet either public or private. The efficient way of getting the target data from a particular source is web scraping. This includes crawling, scraping, extracting, and formatting. Apeiro Solutions can handle both Automatic and Manual web scraping services, This includes web page scraping, social media scraping, etc.

Web scraping can be done in several ways using Scripts, Tools, Manual methods, etc. Using our own Web Scraping API, we can extract data from any web page in a fraction of the time. We have a set of professionals to format the extracted data sets and convert them to the final deliverables with all the required data points.

In general, scraping the data automatically will reduce approx 70% of the cost and time rather than conventional data entry. Our innovative API is capable of extracting data from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also from any business directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Thomasnet, and more.

Data Processing & Proofreading

Evaluate your business and competitors using the structured set of data points

Data processing services plays a significant role in structuring a huge data set extracted raw data from different sources. Moving further from data extraction, We managed to convert the data into useful insights with all the necessary information.

Proofreading services is the process of identifying and rectifying spelling, grammar, typography, and punctuation errors. Apeiro Solutions proofreaders will check the content line-by-line with the eagle-eyed process and make necessary changes to the list as per the requirements.

Apart from the error correction. We will also look into the layouts and content to ensure they are accurate and highlight the sentences or paragraphs that are not related to the target topic. Our executives will explore several sources to ensure the given data are error-free.

We will then process the extracted dataset by carrying a cleansing, enriching process, and appending missing information to deliver the complete set of information in the desired platform.